we care mobile health services policies

Our Goal

We CareMobileHealth Services recognizes the need for making health care accessible and affordable while improving health outcomes and quality of life. We strive to work collaboratively with patients and other health care providers to build a strong patient centered health care team.

We Care Mobile Health Services is committed to providing the highest quality of care. We encourage patients to be active in their care. All patients will be required to consent for treatment with each visit, and have the right to refuse care as permitted by law.


Concierge/Membership enrollment is for one year. You can sign up online under the enrollment tab or call directly to 210-910-4186.


All patients will be required to read We Care Mobile Health Services' Policies and complete the Registration and Enrollment forms prior to receiving care by We Care Mobile Health Services.  You can complete the enrollment forms online at www.wecaremhs.com.  You may also print and fax completed forms to (210)910-5273 or mail in to:

We Care Mobile Health Services

P.O. Box 727

Schertz, TX 78154

On the initial visit by the health care provider you will be asked to sign our membership agreement.

Billing information as well as other information will be collected to include address, telephone number, birth date, insurance information, employer information, and emergency contact. It is important that this information is kept up-to-date. Please contact We Care Mobile health Services Administration with any changes to your information. 


Payments for services can be paid in a lump sum for a discounted price or monthly according to your date of enrollment and chosen length of enrollment plan. Your credit card or bank account will be charged automatically. All your private information will be kept on a secured electronic system and will not be shared or disclosed with others without your consent or according to the law.

We Care Mobile Health Services does not provide emergency care. If you have an emergency, please dial 911, or seek Emergency Care in the nearest ER immediately.

Urgent Situations. Call 911 or seek treatment immediately in ER

        1. Chest pain, especially in men over 35 and women over 45.

        2. Shortness of breath

        3. Vomiting blood

  • How much blood do you see? More than streaking is an emergency. Blood in the vomit may look like coffee grounds.

        4.Rectal bleeding

  • How much blood do you see? Enough to turn the toilet water red would be an emergency.

        5. Stroke

  • New weakness in one part of the body, slurred speech, drooping eye or mouth are all signs of a stroke and considered an emergency.

        6. Fainting spells, especially in men over 35 and women over 45.

        7. Throat swelling from allergic reaction

        8. Severe Abdominal Pain, Severe headache (worst ever)

        9. Fractures and Deformity of Bones

Scheduling Appointments

All appointments will be scheduled through We Care Mobile Health Services administrators by calling (210) 910-4186 or by email at info@wecaremhs.com.

Messages left on our appointmentphone line or by email well be checked hourly and an administrator will email or contact you to schedule an appointment.

Our staff will be available to answer your questions and schedule appointments during regular office hours from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday-Friday.


Concierge cancellation is approved on a case by case basis.

We Care Mobile Health Services has the right to cancel your appointment without your consent in the event of emergencies, bad weather, road closures, or other unforeseen incidents.

Reasons for Disenrollment

We CareMobile Health Services maintains the right to disenroll patients for any of the following reasons:

Past Due Accounts

Non-compliance with Care

Multiple Missed Appointments

Unsafe Environment

Recurrent non-compliance with care leading to worsening condition

Patient Confidentiality

Patient confidentiality is a major goal of We Care Mobile Health Services. All of our communication and electronic devices operate on a secure network. Although your medical appointment is performed in the privacy of your home or work, we do ask you to provide a private area such as a home private room, aid station, nurse's station, or a private office room. 

We have the right to maintain your medical records on all treatments provided by We Care Mobile Health Services and any records transferred to us through patient request and consent.

We have the right to disclose your health information without your consent for the purpose of public health activities to include disease statistics, to collect payment and as required or permitted by law in cases of reporting child and adult abuse, neglect, domestic violence, law enforcement concerning crime victims, suspicious deaths, and threats to safety.

We will not disclose health information to family members except in the case of minors or dependent adults where parent(s) or legal guardian will be designated in accordance with state and federal law.

Services Provided

We Care Mobile Health Services will provide acute outpatient care to patients ages 3 years and older.

Chronic conditions can also be managed. All chronic conditions must be approved for treatment by the We Care Mobile Health Services Management Team of Providerswhichwill include the Chief Medical Officer, Collaborating Physician, Chief Executive Officer, and Lead Physician Assistant.

Conditions requiring Class II Controlled Substances/Narcotics/Sedatives/Stimulants will not be managed by We Care Mobile Health Services.

Pap Smears, STD assessments and other invasive procedures are  performed by We Care Mobile Health Services at a designated clinic.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Put all pets away.

Be ready for your appointment on time.

Have a table and a chair ready for the provider. If you have a GI complaint, the provider may need a place for you to lie down.

If you are at work, have an area for privacy.

Contact us if you cannot make your appointment.

We look forward to being a part of your health care team. Thank you for choosing us!